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Have You Lived Before? 9 Signs You Have Reincarnated

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Try as we might, digging up recollection of past lives is almost impossible. Some people do remember previous reincarnations spontaneously; others may recount them under hypnosis. Yet, there are clues about your past lives if you care to pay attention. So compare yourself to the list – have you lived before?

Evidence of reincarnation is all around. Life ebbs and flows in endless cycles of birth, flowering, aging, dying, regrowth — on and on it goes. So it makes sense that human beings, too, are part of that cycle. Surely consciousness must go somewhere? It’s energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, or so we are told.

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It’s important to remember that there is a difference between your ‘I’ ego and your ‘essence’. It is the ego which fears death, yet it is the ego that dies. Your deeper self – your inner being, your soul, your real self – is what travels onward. Reincarnating, regressing, progressing, assimilating, experiencing and living. Here are nine clues as to whether you have lived before in another body.

9 Signs You Have Reincarnated

You Feel Outside Your Time

Now and again, you are uncomfortably aware that you are in the ‘wrong’ time. You often experience sensory overload and the feeling that life is too much. You long for a simpler way of life, a reconnection to yourself. You are the sort of person who gives up everything to live off-grid. You only feel right when you are living close to nature.

You Experience Reoccurring Dreams

Specifically, you dream about a certain place and certain people. You seem to recognize them but they are different than they are in ‘real life’. A little like Dorothy’s experience in the Wizard of Oz. Sometimes, the dreams feel more real than reality. They often end with a frightening vision of your own death.

You Are Psychic

You are able to read the past lives of other people. They are as clear to you as yesterday’s lunch. You can see where they succeeded and failed. Where they loved and lost. Their relatives and their enemies. Often you can connect their friends to people in their current life.

You Are Intuitive

Like a psychic, you are able to read incarnations, but it’s not so clear how you know these things. They are feelings more than anything, and hard to explain. You just know. You have the same feelings about your own past lives. Intuition is often combined with other signs of reincarnation to give you the understanding you have lived before this current life.

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You Have Past Life Memories

You remember things that you shouldn’t be able to remember. You have flashes of recollection, perhaps you ‘see’ a certain bracelet on your arm, or you remember someone telling you a secret. This is often confused with déjà vu, but it is stronger than that. It’s an actual memory.

You Experience Frequent Déjà Vu

Déjà vu is a strong feeling that you have been in a certain place before, or experienced a situation previously. It is more amorphous than a memory, yet disconcerting nonetheless. A 2004 study (Brown, A. S. (2004). "The déjà vu illusion".) reported that at least two thirds of the world population experiences déjà vu. A number of occurrences are attributed to the onset of an epileptic seizure, but the rest remain unexplained.

You Are a Healer

Some skills never leave you, no matter how many lives you live. Healing is one of those skills. It may present itself as different modalities – for instance, you might be a nurse in one life and a Reiki practitioner in another. Healing other people, animals, even plants is a fundamental part of your being. You might be drawn to herbalism, nutrition, energy healing, or to more conventional types of medicine and related areas, such as surgery or research.

You Have Irrational Fears and Phobias

You might have a feeling of utter dread each time you wear a necktie or scarf around your neck. You may be terrified of deep water, of being underground or the sound of crackling logs. You have no explanation why this thing scares the heck out of you, it just does. Whatever it is, it might have been the cause of your violent death in a previous life so your subconscious tries very hard to warn you against getting into a similar situation again.

Rebirth – How It Works

There are no definitive guides, or proof that reincarnation is a fact, although there are many stories which are compellingly believable. One theory is that we all come from a seething mass of conscious beings, where we are individual but all one at the same time. Some might call this ‘God’ or ‘Source’.

Every now and then, an individual consciousness extends itself into a human body in order to learn or grow or mature – the whys and wherefores may be beyond our limited reasoning. There is no detachment from the whole, but there is loss of knowing that we have not separated. We feel alone. We have no clarity or perception of the truth. It is hidden by a veil that we see as separation. In reality, there is never any separation. 

When we enter a human body, we experience things that we could never experience when we are ‘home’. Non-acceptance, loathing and hatred are non-existent there – they are human constructs all born out of fear. Learning how to deal with these accelerates the development of the soul.

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Why Do We Reincarnate?

No human being can know the answer to this. However, one theory is that we come here to learn that past lives, experiences, and memories do not define who we are. Just as our outer lives currently do not define us. Instead, we are to use those experiences, past and present, to gain clarity and understanding. Once we begin to recognize that, really, none of these events are important to our fundamental soul, we can begin to progress to a higher spiritual level. 

If you would like to explore your past lives, do contact one of our experienced psychics.

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