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What is Past Life Regression & How Can it Help?

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Ever wondered whether you’ve lived before? Do you think that a negative or traumatic past life experience may be affecting your present? Many people have discovered that past life regression; safely re-experiencing a previous life has helped them come to terms with emotions, thoughts, and behavior that manifest almost with no explanation or reason. 

A past life regression generally occurs under a state of light hypnosis. Occasionally individuals experience a past life spontaneously, when drifting awake from a dream state, when gently nodding off in a nap, or in a deep, relaxed meditation. Sometimes memories come through clearly and fully formed—this usually occurs in children who are able to describe the circumstances of one or more previous lives in startling detail.

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Why Do We Reincarnate?

What is the point of living life after life? Why do we have to go through endless suffering? No-one really knows. Some theories are that as we live each life (and remember these past lives may not be logically arranged in time as we know it), we become ever more spiritually advanced. Other ideas are that it ‘just is’; that’s how life works. We’re on a continuous loop. Some say we come back to work through fears, anxieties and other debilitating emotions. And maybe we are born again to pay for past wrong-doings. Who can say?

So What’s the Point in Digging Up Past Lives?

It depends what you want from it. Past life regression is a therapy tool; a patient can uncover and face up to past trauma or grief. Often just being aware there is a reason why you feel anxiety, fear, or depression can help healing take place. It validates your feelings and, at the same time, teaches you that you can leave the past in the past and move forward. Some people have described past life revelations  as remarkably freeing. One woman described it as being 'absolved from feeling guilty for no reason'.

I Like to Think I’m Well-Adjusted: Should I Try Past Life Regression?

It’s up to you. If you have a deep curiosity, then why not? However, you have to know you might uncover something disturbing or unsavory. You must undertand the risks before you undertake any regression therapy. After all, if it ain’t broke… Any reputable past life therapist will explain the pros and cons of regression before you commit to a program. 

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Signs You May Have Experienced Reincarnation

  • You often feel vague, unformed memories bubbling up from within. Memories you are sure don’t come from your present life.
  • You have strong feelings of deja vu. Especially in particular locations or circumstances.
  • You dream of yourself in different lives, in different roles.
  • You often feel as if you were born in the wrong time.
  • You have unexplained anxiety, fears, phobias, mood swings, depression, attachments, and so on. 
  • You meet someone new and have the strangest feeling you have met before.
  • You feel at times you are on the outside looking in; as if you are merely an observer of your own life; slightly disconnected.
  • You sometimes experience thoughts that aren’t your own. As if someone else is thinking with your mind.

What If I’m Making It All Up?

Therapists say that this doesn’t matter. When memories surface, they may be true or false, but they are there within the subconscious. Therefore bringing them into the light, whether real memories or imaginary, is benefical to the patient. Once the patient believes there is a valid source of their current problems, those problems often melt away. It’s as if they are able to lay a ghost to rest simply by acknowledging the posssibility of their existence. 

Real Experiences of Past Lives

Robert had been terrified of the dark for as long as he could remember. The older he got, the worse it became until it blighted his life. He wasn’t sleeping properly, he couldn’t walk into a dark room, he couldn’t even sit in a movie theatre. He always had to make sure he knew where every light source and switch was in any room he happened to be in. Sudden power outages were the worst and caused Robert to suffer extraordinary panic attacks.

His therapist took him into a deep state of relaxation by instructing him to walk down a staircase. Robert found himself running for his life through a dark forest with no idea what he was running from. He found a wooden hut in a clearing and shut himself inside. It was pitch black. He felt panic rising up inside him and then the ‘dream’ shifted and he was in bed, just waking up to find a note from his lover telling him she had left for good. Again he felt the panic and again the dream shifted to another scene. 

While Robert did not find an actual cause for his current phobia, it was enough for him to understand that his fear of the dark was a kind of leakage from past lives. This knowledge gave him the courage necessary to work through and overcome his fear of the dark.

What to Expect During Past Life Regression

Your tharapist will explain their methods to you in detail. They will also explain that nothing bad can happen and, if you feel distress, they will gently ‘bring you back’. Therapists use various methods to take you in to a light, relaxed, hypnotic state. Often it will take the form of a guided visualisation; walking down stairs is common. Another one tells you that you are standing on a field of stars and that each star is a former life. Some therapists will give you the power to choose what year or life to visit. Sometimes you will simply ‘wake up’ in a past life. 

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Past Life Reading 

A past life reading is different to regression as the psychic or medium will relay to you what they see in your past. A reading may or may not cause you to remember things from a past life. However, it can also be valuable in dealing with trauma that you carry with you. Simply knowing that an event or situation happened to you and that it is long gone, can help you come to terms with an unexplained fear. Once you know what caused it, you can begin the healing process.

You can get a past life reading, right here, right now. Contact one of our experienced psychics to discover your hidden past.

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  1. It's good to know that a past life therapist will explain every detail of their methods in a past life regression. My friend has this unexplainable fear of being alone at night. It has come to a point that it is affecting her work as she wakes up late at night. She mentioned she's willing to try alternative methods to overcome this fear. That's when I thought past life healing might be able to help her. Since this will be her first, it's good that the therapist will explain to her the details of the regression. 

    1. It’s also good to know that past life regression is your specialty, James. Spammy link removed.

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