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7 Psychic Test Examples to Try Out

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If you are wondering whether you are psychic and if you have never taken a psychic test, there are a variety of psychic tests and games that can measure the level of your psychic abilities and/or spiritual gift. These games and psychic tests can also be used as tools to allow for further development of psychic talents or if a psychic wants to fine tune their gift. 

For those trying to figure out if they are psychic, these tests might not always provide them with the direct answer they need, but they may be able to decide whether they have any psychic gifts at all. 

Zener Cards

The Zener Psychic Ability Test is considered an old classic and has been used for years as a test to measure psychic ability. These types of cards are used in standard psychic tests and they are cards that have a variety of shapes and symbols on them. They were used by the famous parapsychologist J.B. Rhine in his studies of ESP and are now commonly used for sensorial testing. 

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There are various ways of using these cards, but the common use is to randomly select a Zener card from a deck and guess the symbol.  After guessing, you then check to see if you guessed right. Then shuffle the deck again. A successful test that proves you have some psychic ability is a score of 10 correct guesses or more out of 25 guesses. While there is always a chance of getting 1 out of 5 cards right, 10 correct guesses is significant and may present some psychic ability.

A Sense of Knowing

A great way to prove if you have psychic abilities is to ask those around you to ask you questions that you couldn't possibly know the answer to. If you can answer questions about their lives and if you "know" secrets about them that they have never told anyone, you are a gifted psychic.

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Guessing Games

Try guessing random numbers and symbols that your friend puts down on paper. Do these guessing games with paper as you want to be sure if you are correct on each guess. Ask your friend to write down a number from 1 to 20 or get them to draw a serious of symbols such as a square, circle or star on separate pieces of paper.  Your friend will hold up each one and wait for your guess. They will also serve as a witness of your psychic ability when you answer correctly.

Take Advantage of Multiple Online Psychic Test Examples

Because people have been checking their psychic ability for years, there are now numerous tests to perform online. A vast majority of psychic websites have psychic tests that you can try. Many of these online psychic tests provide a score rating system and some sites allow you to also send a copy of your score and record of your test to your email for further assessment. It might even be a smart idea to do these online tests with someone else present so they can serve as a witness to your results.

Take a Sensitivity Test

This is a popular psychic test. Psychics are extremely sensitive to their environment and they can usually sense much more than the standard five senses can. Being psychic means that an individual can pick subtle information that others cannot. Think of how a dog can hear a dog whistle, yet we cannot. It is along the same lines. Psychics are so sensitive to where they are, what they touch and what they experience.

Hire a Professional

If you are truly serious about determining your level of psychic ability, ask a professional psychic assessor to test you and monitor your physiology. A professional in the psychic field can analyze your heart rate, skin and brain wave changes when you are performing a psychic activity. Just like standard lie detectors, it is almost impossible to fake your physiological responses during a set of questions and psychic activities. A professional may also be able to feel and witness changes in the atmosphere's temperature which is a common occurrence when an individual has a psychic gift.

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A Unique Psychic Test: The Telekinesis Test  

This is a unique test that was created to measure the ability to move things. Some psychics have this gift along with the gift of sight and knowing. This psychic test is performed by tossing coins and logging down zeroes and ones rather than tails and heads. As per mathematical law, the majority of the time the zeroes and ones are 50/50 by the time 100 coins have been tossed. An individual with telekinesis powers has the ability to influence the toss and if the number comes out drastically different such as 20/70, they may have this additional gift.

Having a psychic gift is something precious and it should be nurtured and developed on a constant basis. If you try some of these tests and discover that you are not psychic, you can always speak to our trusted psychics that are genuine and have been thoroughly tested with regards to their psychic abilities.

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